Roam builds a range of Cam-Lok* based power panels: Generator Interface Panels (for connecting emergency power), Power Output Panels (for temporary power output from a building's line power), and Power Input Panels (for power input to trailers, buses, or temporary structures).

Widely used in the telecom, electrical, construction, transit, convention, and entertainment industries, such Cam-Lok enclosures are also known as Tap Boxes, Inlet Boxes, or Generator Plugs/Generator Quick Connects. These units are offered in a variety of configurations: 200 Amp or 400 Amp, 240 VAC or 600 VAC, Single or Three Phase, and Compact or In-Line designs. Roam only uses genuine Cooper Crouse-Hinds Cam-Lok brand connectors. Similar compatible connectors are sometimes referred to as "Cam-Lock" connectors by their manufacturers, distributors, and/or users.

Generator Interface Boxes
Roam's UL listed line of MTC Generator Interface Boxes (also known as Generator Interface Panels or Generator Connector Panels) built with male Cam-Lok connectors (Cam-Lock)

Roam offers an extensive line of Generator Interface Boxes (also called Generator Connector Panels) designed to provide a secure connection point for emergency power for wireless sites, and other telecom, electrical, construction, transit, convention, and entertainment applications. Roam's line of Generator Interface Panels includes 200A and 400A models, as well as 240 VAC (240v) and 600 VAC (600v) models, built using male Cam-Lok connectors. All 240 VAC (240v) panels are UL Listed, whether designed for 200A or 400A current.

Power Output Boxes
Roam's line of MTC Power Output Boxes (also known as Power Output Interface Panels or Power Output Panels) built with female Cam-Lok connectors (Cam-Lock)

Roam's line of UL Listed Power Output Boxes (Power Output Panels) are designed to provide a safe and secure connection point for temporary power output from a building's line power for uses such as lighting, mobile equipment, or entertainment venue power. Using industry standard E1016 (J-Series/16-Series) Cam-lok connectors (female), Roam's line of NEMA 3R rated Output Panels supports up to 240VAC (240v), 480VAC (480v), or 600 VAC (600v) at either 200A or 400A (depending on model).


Safety & Security—Cable Access Restriction

Cam-Lok Box Safety Feature - Closed - Generator Interface Panel - Generator Connector Panel - Cam-Lok - UL 1008 Listed Transfer Switch Accessory

Standard on all of Roam’s Cam-Lok panels, our cable access restriction feature prevents accidental or deliberate disconnect of cables once the generator is connected and panel door is closed and locked.

Roam's cable access restriction design reduces risks — such as power loss due to vandalism or copper cable theft, accidental contact, or liability from unauthorized people accessing high voltage/high amperage power connections — while still providing quick access for authorized users of the Cam-Lok enclosures.


Brown-Orange-Yellow Connectors & Labeling

Cam-Lok (Cam-Lock) Box Brown-Orange-Yellow Connectors and Labels - BOY - B-O-Y - Generator Interface Panel - Generator Connector Panel

All Roam Generator Interface, Power Input, and Power Output panels are also available with Brown-Orange-Yellow labels, Cam-Lok connectors, and/or spring caps. This alternate color scheme is often used with 277/480-volt Wye or 480-volt Delta AC power.

In addition, Roam's Cam-Lok panels can be custom-built with connectors and labels in a myriad of other color configurations and/or languages to meet any national or regional standard. Supported formats include: Canada's CEC (Red-Black-Blue-White-Green), the EU's IEC 60446 (Brown-Black-Gray-Blue-Green), the various Australia and New Zealand options (under AS/NZS 3000:2007), and Chinese (per GB 50303-2002, Section 15.2.2).